The Twenty-Third Chronicle

I cannot WAIT for the swimming pool to come up [okay, maybe I’m not one hundred per cent sure that a pool is going to come up on that patch-o’-lawn, but I sure hope so!]!!! It will be EPIC, splashing about in clear waters [but not without first equipping a heavy-duty floater] and having the time of my life with my sisters… Oh I can SO imagine myself free styling the length of the pond and pelting Taylor with water bombs… That will be the life, the “it,” the ultimate heaven [minus the sacrifice of actually dying]. Oh, how I will spend all the rest of my days dreaming about food and sleep and all things nice while paddling about with a song on my snout and a skip in my step…

Just thinking about perfect bliss like that has got me itching for a tasty treat. Sorry for the super short post, but right now, the urge to get my tongue around a banana split with extra nuts and chocolate sauce is TOTALLY winning over my desire to sit down and type out a lengthy post on how exactly my day went [which will be quite boring considering how the main highlight of today was that the gardener told mum that the rose tree was overgrown]. I know, I am a disgusting author who digs out the most pathetic excuses just so that I can run away from the ugly truth another day; the fact that my life’s excitement level has reached rock bottom. [Seriously, I am  a DOG; A WRITING DOG. How can my life be boring?????]

Anyway, see you later, dearest reader. [I know you must be thinking, ‘I hate this dispassionate blogger ‘ or ‘I’m outta here dawg!’ but please, give me a break. Fantasizing about something one really wants and then NOT getting it isn’t a piece of cake. You try it] Let the chow down commence!!


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