The Twenty Second Article

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what?!!? Remember that “construction” that was going on on the front lawn?? I was eavesdropping as hard as I could at Grandma and Mum’s conversation after breakfast this morning, and I have CRACKED it!! I know what is going to be built!!!! Oh, and it’s worth not being able to use the loo for the next few days [sorry, insider joke]. Anyway, I have managed to store most of the chat inside here >points to thick skull< and so, you, Dearest Reader, will be kept in suspense about the puzzling development a little longer.  Here we go;

Mum: The girls [I hope “girls” includes me!] are going to LOVE it!!

Grandma: They’ve been wanting it for quite a while now. I’m glad the construction has already begun and is in full swing.

Mum: Yes, it is a relief that the work has started after all this time. 

Grandma: Feni will love it too, won’t you my little girl?? [Here, Grandma looks at me with an adoring smile]

Mum: I guess she’s been wanting it for a while too, haven’t you dear?? 

Me: >Looks at mum with eyes that said ‘What’s going on??’

Mum: Aww, I think she likes it. Look at her grateful expression.

Grandma: A sweeter thing there never was. 

Mum: Oh, have you heard about the rise in market prices?? 

From her, the conversation gets real boring but I was SO happy about finally finding out what was going to be built that I didn’t care!! You HAVE figured it out, haven’t you?? Well, if you haven’t let me tell you. They have GOT to be planning to set up a swimming pool!!!!! My sisters have been wanting one from the time they were BORN [well, [practically] and I would love one too, wouldn’t I?? [Though if mum and dad ARE planning to make one on the front lawn, I guess it will be a wee bit smaller than they would have expected. But who CARES, right??]

I have to go check out the progress, Dearest Reader, but I will be back with updates.


Feni the Dawg


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