The Twenty-First Century

The title of this post is PROOF that my “brain juices” are drying up. Not that I have much to begin with.

Okay, the previous sentence is PROOF that the little self esteem I had at the beginning is withering and dying, too.

Anyway, the only reason I wanted to blog today was because of two things that have been happening lately. One, dad and family are getting hypnotized by the quiz freak, which is basically this venomous demon who begins the whole quiz addiction. Soon, they will be unsuspecting trivia minions. Two, I’m not really sure what is going on, but there’s this huge patch of lawn that is spread out in front of the house, and there seems to be some construction going on over there. Nothing upscale, maybe its just an additional guest room or something. I’m just a little concerned because that exact spot is my only -well, this is embarrassing- bathroom.

I only hope that whatever they are building won’t take up much space and finishes up fast. I don’t like people watching me while I… well, you know, while I… do “it” so I have been holding “it” for the past three days [the laborers who painstakingly trudge about with weights on their backs have vicious tongues and I do NOT want them sneering about me and my… activities].

All I can say is this; unless my folks want me to explode like Mount Vesuvius, which has, once upon a time, destroyed two whole TOWNS with the power of its eruption, they had better wrap up this project ASAP.

I am only blogging right now because of the fact that my parent’s have gone to attend a quiz Downtown. They appointed a “babysitter” to take care of me, but, as she has fallen off to sleep after wolfing down a packet of chips in front of the T.V, I can safely state that she isn’t really doing a very good job. I guess I’d better go and check on her/him [she/he has spent so much time in front of the telly that I can’t even specify “its” gender]. Later Gator!


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