The Nineteenth Cut-out

Yes, the title sucks.

Moving on, today was uneventful. My days are getting more an more boring by the… hour. The only incident that’s worth mentioning is that for lunch I was treated with the tender flesh of prawns and a scoop of butterscotch ice cream. That is something I would definitely write home about!!

Speaking of which, I have recently realized that there aren’t any ways a dog could actually communicate with their parents. I mean, I have actually forgotten how my biological mum looks [except for an uncanny resemblance with my flaxen face. Oh, and our fur has the same shade, I guess]!! How disastrous is that!!

I know of humans who call their parents EVERY SINGLE DAY to wish them Good Night. How sweet is that?? On the other hand, if given half a chance I would gladly talk to my mother for half an hour everyday if only I could!!!

I don’t know anything about my mum except for the fact that she advised me to stay away from rat poison. [You can tell from the above sentence that she was a juvenile delinquent] I don’t even remember her name!! All I have to say to the current human population of planet earth is this;

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, MAN??!!!??? [And this is one situation in which “man” means “mankind”]

You clone sheep and send people to faraway planets but you can’t help the canines of this globe track their parents?? I have never heard of something so STUPID!!!! And you guys call yourselves SMART!!! [I’m so mad, my teeth are actually grinding]

Boy, all this reasoning has got me tired. Time for another sugary treat!!


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