The Sixteenth Post

It seems like all my siblings do these days is play Subway Surfers on their KindleFire. Although they seem to think I no longer matter, I know that, deep down, they still care. I mean, I sure HOPE they love me more than their sleek, new tablet. [Though it is doubtful. The way they sneak adoring glances at their new gadget would convince someone with lesser knowledge than myself that they were ENGAGED And don’t get me started on the CASH they’ve spent on “beautifying” their Fire]

IT’S A DAMN [sorry about the curse!!!! {You can’t swear in the house, mum’s rule #3,457}] SILVERY GAMER THINGY!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU GIVE IT MORE ATTENTION THAT YOU GIVE YOUR LOYAL, ALWAYS-BY-YOUR-SIDE PUP??????? [Okay, I may not still be in possession of the title “pup.” More like “grandma dawg.” But whatever]

They come home from school, peck their parents on both cheeks, sit down for their mid-day meal, complete it, sit with me for fifteen minutes and then spend the rest of the day with their eyes glued to the bright, animated doodles that jump from platform to platform in weird game that make no sense. So that’s how it goes.

The stupid, chargable electronic gets around seven hours of undisturbed attention while all I, faithful Feni, get is a LOUSY QUARTER OF AN HOUR???????? Where’s the fairness in this??? And it’s not even like the little games are particularly exciting or anything. All you’ve got to do is make that little figure jump out of harms way. How hard can it be??????????

I was almost tempted to pluck out the tablet from the closet and start playing a couple games before Taylor and Trikaya came back from lunch with their parents. But then I [mentally] slapped myself. A blogging dog is bad enough but a GAMING dog would send my grandma over the wall.

Which reminds me, mum has instructed several men in splattered overalls to “touch up” the study with an assortment of paints. The stench is unbearable, and as THAT has come from a dog who snacks on cow dung from time to time, I think it would be -on the whole- safer if you just took my word for it.

Taylor had her teacher’s day performance at school yesterday. I wished her best of luck, but I’m not sure she understood. Who can blame her?? I can’t even understand dog-speak myself and I’m 107% canine!! By the looks of it, her song went pretty well. She came home with scarlet cheeks and a triumphant smile and began gabbing nineteen to the dozen about the day’s events.

I wish someone began a dog’s day. Or even an animal day. That would be really cool. A whole set of twenty-four hours when people had to ignore ANY/ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES and interact with beings that might need that conversation more than the non-living piece of metal.

I rally wish there was some way by which I could TALK TO; converse with my family without showing them this blog. There has to be SOME way. And I think that someone with as superior intellect as myself would be able to crack this mega question without breaking into a sweat. So let me give it a shot [as I am clearly eligible].

Oh GAWD!! Who knew that cans of neon paint could STINK worse than buffalo poo?? I’m outta’ here! Time to get brainstorming!! [But not before a quick bite. It’s a known fact that chocolate Labs think better with at least seven buttered toasts and orange marmalade sunk in their tummies. What’s that you say?? It’s not a known fact?? Well, just made it up. How’s that for you, PUNK??!?!!]


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