The Fourteenth Episode

Well. I’m sure feeling left out nowadays, because Taylor [the elder sis] is mostly away at school or one of her numerous extracurricular classes, Trikaya [the younger kid] is down with chicken pox [must have picked it up from her elder sibling], mum is busy bustling about, making sure that everything’s perfect and dad’s always on the Blackberry, conferencing with someone or the other. Which just leaves me, Feni, the dog of the house, to wallow around in self-pity. Hello?? What else do you expect me to do??? Stand up on my fore paws and start cooking LUNCH?? I’m a DOG, for Pete’s sake. Gimme a break!!

So, anyway, as I was saying [before I got all worked up due to false human expectations of the canis familiaris species {that’s us, the innocent pups}], it seems like everything’s a blur; days are speeding, nights are crawling [I’m afraid of the dark… Shush!! Don’t tell my mum!!] and [worse] nobody seems to have TIME for me, the security guard of their stately manor, the keeper of their… hearts [??]. I have done so much for them over that past few years [my presence itself is a boon that many crave for] and this is what I get in return?? People strutting past me like I’m a no one?? That is SO NOT FAIR!!!!

At least they don’t forget to feed me. Well, that’s nothing short of relief. If they stopped shoving bowls of kibble under my nose during meal times, I would SCREAM. I swear I would. But they’d probably classify it under a case of critter lunacy and take me to a pet psychoanalyst where I’d be checked up by a professional in a lab coat till they FINALLY figure I can’t exactly speak, so where’s the question of them analyzing me?? Gawd, humans, I tell you. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my two years of existence its that humans are WAY dumber than they think they are, and that, my friend, is the UGLY truth.


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