The Twelfth Post

It is SO ironic that this if my twelfth post, because I want to blog about something great that has happened today; Taylor has turned twelve!! Isn’t that awesome?

I mean, yeah, aging isn’t such a big deal, but when a member of your family gets a new title [she is an official pre-teen, or so I heard mum say {no, I don’t eavesdrop on a regular basis, it’s just that SOMETIMES, I just happen to be present when two people are holding a private conversation. It’s not MY fault!!}] it’s kind of hard not to get excited.

Not that I am a baby. I am the third senior-most member of the immediate family [fifth, if yo include grandma and grandpa] and I will not tolerate people fawning over me like I’m some infant of three. Although I do like it when they rub my belly… But that’s a different issue altogether.

Anyway, for her birthday, Taylor got the following presents [which she has generously agreed to share with me. At least, that’s what I think she meant when she whispered into my ear, ‘You are allowed to use ANY of my gifts, because you have always been an AWESOME pet. Thanks for being there, Feni, I love you,’]:

1. A KindleFire HD [which was gifted by mum and dad. Not that she had been pestering them for a tablet or anything, but they though that it would help her in terms of instant blogging and stuff like that. Oh, and they have made it very clear that it’s to be shared with Trikaya, something she agreed to readily enough as she was so happy that she got it in the first place]

2. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!!! [A combined deposit from Grandma and Grandpa. She has agreed to buy me a new, studded collar with her earnings. Isn’t that wonderful?? Not that I’m complaining about my collar{s}. It’s just that change is welcome, you know??]

3. A lace edged tee in her favorite hue [she wore it all day today. It is gifted by her Aunt Sue who posted it all the way from where she lives. Isn’t that sweet of her??]

4. A heap of books [Also given from Aunt Sue. I wish she was MY aunt. Maybe then she’d parcel a bag of assorted chews and send it on MY birthday]

That’s about it. And I guess I’d better be going. Taylor was telling everyone what a great day it has turned out to be and that she wants to blog about the whole things so that she never forgets the kindness her relatives have shown towards her, so I’m thinking she’ll want to use the machine for a while.

So… I guess that’s good bye then, eh??


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