Eleventh Entry

The end of another emotionally grueling day for me. I have to admit, I’m not very happy about my new diet which mainly consists of bread and veggies [doctor’s orders]. I’ve always been more of a kibble kind of dog, so this suddenly change in my meals isn’t doing much good. If you haven’t already figured from my previous posts, food, for me, is a way of life, a gift from God, manna [quite literally] from heaven.

Although I am not pleased [to say the least] about these abrupt changes, I’m afraid I will have to take it in my stride like I always do. Canines, among other creatures, are not blessed with the gift of speech [a liberty I have often noticed humans take advantage of] thus I am unable to voice my highly cherished thoughts. Fortunately, I am used to dealing with scenarios not unlike this one that I am capable of putting it behind me with the deft elegance that is envied by all. [By “all” I mean the few friends that I have. Yeah, the “few” pals that I do have aren’t that many. But hey!! At least I’m admired by someone!!]

Grandma and I see eye- to- eye on this matter. She agrees that I’m wheat intolerant. Good ol’ Grandma J!!

Another development that has taken place today is that Taylor’ chicken pox has reduced SO much that it caused the maid [who had just come back from a week long vacation and knew nothing of Taylor’ s syndrome] to ask mum why exactly she [Taylor] was bunking school. It has gone down so significantly that nobody can spot any signs of the dots that inhabited my younger [human] sibling’ s chocolate skin just a couple days ago. Well, that’ s a relief. [Being of such a sweet nature, I feel distressed while another being {especially one with whom I live in such close radius with} is going through pain]

Wow. I can’t believe it’s already my ELEVENTH post on this blog. Such a surreal feeling has swept me. My mind, my soul. All in a daze. It feels so great. I think, after I finish with this post, I’m gong to fetch myself a strawberry swirl ice cream cone from the freezer. I think I deserve it. Ooh, I’m drooling all over the keyboard already!!

Well, what do you expect?? I’m a Lab who has been shoved left, right and center with oodles of >BLECH!!!< bread. Even the thought of a sandwich with cheesy toppings makes my stomach go swishing around like a washing machine. So you an just GUESS how my abdomen is acting at the thought of my favorite tropical Popsicle that’s just WAITING to be devoured. The best part of my little treat-heists [as I like to call them] is that NOBODY even thinks for a moment that I, relative to the Her Majesty, maybe the culprit. They just blame each other. Tee Hee…

You wouldn’t guess that I’m as sneaky as I have come to be at a first glance, would you?? Well, >NEWS FLASH!!!!< I AM!!! So THERE, cray-people-who-doubt-the-craftiness-of-the-Dutchess-of-somewhere-or-the-other [that’s me]!!!! I really am a criminal mind, and I bet I’m going to take the world by a storm, what with my insane blogging-skills and my stealthy theft-moves.

Oh, all that fantasizing has made me hungry!! [Why, when my stomach rumbled just now, I though there was an out break of thunder!!] Time to get me a fruit dolly, dear reader. Oh, and hope you enjoy reading my hilarious anecdotes. Thanks SO MUCH for your support. Couldn’t have done it without your encouragement!!

Okay, I REALLY need to get myself a cone now [my stomach hurts so bad!! It’s probably because its so empty]. Tata!!


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