The Tenth Article

I have to say that my blog hasn’t been as popular as I had imagined it to be. By now, I though I’d have [at least] half of Hollywood stalking my site [if that’s possible] and waiting with bated breath for my next post. Unfortunately, that is not exactly happening… :/ On the other hand, the website’s popularity hasn’t hit rock bottom either. There are quite a few people following and lots of comments coming in [keep the feedback flowing people!!] but they’re just from your ordinary Joe. No, I will be satisfied only when… [let’s see, who is ridiculously famous now a days??] oh yes, I will only be satisfied when JENNIFER ANNISTON checks out WoOf Diaries and remarks about something, proof that’s she’s actually been here.

Wow, I really do hope she comes on here and types something like Wow Feni, this is one awesome blog ya’ got here!! Keep it up dawg!! THAT would be something to write home about, wouldn’t it?? I bet you my mama would be really proud of me. Then again, she always is proud of me. My mama always used to say, Life’s like a box of chocolates. And when Jenny Anniston follows your domain, life’s handed you a very big chocolate indeed!! My mama’s a very smart one. She has a way with words, doesn’t she?? Well, it runs in the family. My uncle Willy, he was a very famous author he was. His most famous work was Bill and Rachael but somewhere along the road, someone went ahead and changed it to Romeo and Juliet. Well, he thought the name’s were soppy, but no, the publishers wouldn’t change that name to their original form, so I guess it stuck.

Well, Taylor and the others are Skype-ing their uncle again tonight at 8:00. They’ve told me to keep the machine free. I’m pretty sure they meant it as a joke, but you can never be too sure with these people. So I’m going to keep on the safer side from now on, and blog only when I’m absolutely, 100% sure that I don’t bump into anyone at all. Not that they’ve discovered my little secret of course. You know, the fact that I blog at all. They don’t know about it yet, so that’s a relief. The worst part is that these search engines are SO strong that I’m sure they will pick up my blog if my parents happen to Google my name [I live with them and we interact on a daily basis, but they do it anyway, Goodness knows why].

Taylor’s chicken pox seem to be disappearing altogether. I can hardly spot any dots. But the poor thing has to suffer through such a bland diet. She has to eat rice with boiled water for lunch every day. >YUCK!!!< It’s not even fit for a dog. And all she can have for snacks during meals is fruit; plain, disgusting fruit with nothing at the side. Oh, how I pity her and shudder to think of what measures I’d have gone to to make sure that I wouldn’t catch it from her [or anyone] if I were human. But no, I am [fortunately] of such a high status in the social ladder [a flaxen, pedigree Labrador] that I will not be able to pick up this disease from anyone. Just in case, though, I have been keeping a bit of a distance from Taylor. Hope she won’t mind. It’s nothing personal…

Mummy supposes that Trikaya [Taylor’s younger sister] is going to get it next. I think so too, because chicken pox is highly contagious, and both the sister’s have been at such close quarters that I would find it quite surprising if Trikaya didn’t get it in the end. Well, that’s my humble opinion anyway. Looks like I’ve got to go. I hear newspapers rustling in the hall. It may just be someone flipping through the Sun, or something more sinister…


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