The 6th fable

Oh! Can’t believe they had the guts to do THAT! How dare they play a prank on [near] royalty?? Are they aware of the fact that if I wan’t I can report this case to the Queen’s bodyguard and have them ARRESTED?? Yeah, you read right, they could be PUT BEHIND BARS for what they did to me today. Wondering what I’m going on about?? Well, it has something to do with Taylor, the middle sibling. Remember I told you about her MANY [no joke] passions ranging from collecting snippets of the Smurfs to participating in national karate championships?? [and winning the “big” prize] Well, she had recently been selected for the next level of a creative writing [or simply “literary”] competition.

It resulted in mum waking her up extra early that day [as the competition was held at 10:00 am]. Taylor grumbled and groaned as she pulled on a woolly cardigan and casual track pants. The whole family left in about an hour. And you know that worst part?? They left ME, honorable Feni, at the house, held prisoner with a sturdy leash and the only thing that gave me the least pleasure when they were gone was a scrawny bone that they left for me to survive on.

Granted, I wasn’t exactly alone [they had appointed a dog-sitter to keep an eye on me and make sure I was hydrated] and maybe saying that two meters of rope made sure that I was stuck next to the bed is a bit of an overstatement [because I wasn’t tied. Not even with a collar. I was free as a bird as long as I stayed inside the premises of the {spacious} house], but what do you expect from me?? They left me [not-so] isolated in a cottage for FIVE whole hours.

As if I wasn’t ridiculed by that piece of excruciating news, once they arrived back at home [and payed the sitter a handsome price, i noticed] and bathed themselves, they sat around the table and chattered about the trip and how great it was. Talk about rubbing salt on my wounds! I felt hurt and abandoned in a cruel world when mummy said, casting a glance at my long-suffering expression, ‘Poor Feni dear. If she was there, then the field trip would have been thrice the fun!’ ‘Definitely,’ Taylor affirmed. That set them off into a long discussion on what a vital member I was of this family, and had my face glowing. [we creatures don’t “blush.” We find red cheeks disgusting. Instead of that, we “glow.” You will learn more about that in canine-science. What did you say?? You don’t have that subject?? Oh, never mind -exasperatedly- HUMANS!]

I felt obliged to rouse myself from that comfy position and personally lick each and every associate of my foster family. [Something that caused Trikaya to whisper {much to my alarm} ‘It’s like she understood that we were talking about her!!’ Under any other circumstances, I would’ve gladly proved to her that I, in fact, have a much more vast vocabulary than hers, but her eyes were gleaming like to stars that had sunk into her flaxen face, so I didn’t bother to correct her]

I’m feeling quite joyous as I type this. I cannot believe that I’d doubted the fact that my family loves me unconditionally. Oh, and one more thing that came out of their “escapade” was that I had all the time in the world to blog on this PC. [the sitter fell asleep for half an hour. I don’t blame him. I can be very boring when I want to] So I guess I’d better get going now. Although the rest of the family is huddled around the television screen, unblinkingly staring at the weird figures, they are likely to pop into the study to scan their emails.




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