5th Tail [sorry, tale!!] of Misery

Today has been AWESOME!! I got my favorite for lunch and extra kibble during tea-time!! Yeah! This is what I cal LUCKY!!! And you know what the best part is?? I wished for this exact same thing to happen on Christmas!!!

Wow. [WHAT just happened??]

It’s amazing how hyper I can get about the most ordinary things. To tell you the truth, I disgust myself sometimes. Have you ever even heard of a being who starts jumping up and down [seriously, that’s what I was doing while typing the about paragraph] at the thought of [what else?] EATING??? How SICK can I get?? I have never met a dog who says that he/she literally back flips in the air at the mere thought of Pedigree. [Then again, I haven’t met any furry canines yet…Or have I?? My memory seems to be getting worse and worse every day! If I’m not careful, I’ll soon turn out like >GULP!!< Auntie Rita!!]

Trikaya seems to be in a good mood. I’ve figured that her class teacher has “Given her a Gold Star” on her palm with indicated that her discipline is excellent. [I wonder why Taylor hasn’t ever gotten one…] Isn’t that super?? I am so proud of her. The only thing is, every time I try to speak up and tell her about how great I think the star is, it comes out as a snarly bark. Oh, how I hate my voice!!

Ooh, almost forgot to show you this article that Taylor wrote about me. Take a look: [Isn’t she a budding writer??]

Feni makes it five

My heart thumped as mum pulled up her scarlet coupe just as we reached the asphalt. I hastily unbuckled the mauve seat belt that held me prisoner and bolted out of the automobile. ‘Careful Taylor,’ mum cautioned as I darted across the pavement. ‘Yeah, mum,’ I answered, slowing my pace and waiting for my mother to catch up with me.

I stifled an excited giggle while mum smartly knocked on the wooden door of the house mentioned in the advertisement in the paper. My sister clutched my mother’s brocade blouse. ‘Is this the lady’s house, mummy?’ She asked innocently, her eyes widening. ‘Yes, it is Violet,’ mum replied, rapping the door once more. I, quite unlike my younger sibling, couldn’t keep still. My fingers fidgeted with my strawberry blonde hair that was tied in a messy pony.

Yes! I thought to myself. This is it! This is the day! I’m going to get a puppy!! I chuckled in delight. My plan had worked. All those hours spent in coaxing mum wasn’t going waste after all!

I rubbed my hands in anticipation. Just as mum withdrew her hand from the door it swung open. ‘Hello there,’ A feminine voice boomed. ‘I reckon you’re here to check out the puppies,’ the woman continued. ‘Yes, we are,’ mum replied, stepping into the tastefully done up manor. ‘Well, hurry up and come in,’ the lady said to us. ‘The puppies will meet you any moment.’  

We obediently entered, following our mum in silence. Scarcely had we seated ourselves when an energetic trio of Labrador’s came bounding out of a bedroom. I immediately sprang back onto my feet, eager to greet them. My eyes gleamed as I picked up one of the pups and squeezed her gently. I knelt on the floor and let myself be licked all over.

Violet forgot all about her shy ways and scrambled next to me. ‘Aren’t these adorable??’ She asked me, petting one of the Labs who playfully tugged at her pastel skirt. I just nodded.

The rest of the evening passed on in a split second, or so it seemed to me. Violet and I had the time of our lives, grooming the dogs and grooming their fur with soft bristle brushes. ‘Well,’ mum announced at last. ‘Girls, it’s time you choose a pup. We’d better get going in the next ten minutes,’ she added, flashing a disapproving look as she glanced at her wrist watch.

‘I’m not sure… I love them all the same, mummy!’ I squealed, flopping onto the futon with one of the dog’s cradled in the crook of my arms. ‘Well… I like the quiet one best,’ Violet declared, meekly pointing to the pup who I was trapping in a warm embrace.

‘Let’s take her then,’ mum affirmed, standing up. She and the mistress of the puppies spoke in hushed tones (about the price, maybe?) while I fondled the pup’s ears. ‘Come on girls,’ my mum commanded after a bit. I scooped up the selected puppy in my arms, but not before exchanging tearful farewells with the other doggies.

We bade good bye to the lady and were soon backing out the drive in the safety of mum’s trusty car. ‘You know what, mum?’ I asked. ‘Yeah, Taylor,’ my mum prompted. ‘I think I’m finally content,’ I said, to which mum could only laugh. I cast a side ward glance at Feni. It looked like she felt the same way. 

Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever read?? Oh, and the title [Feni Makes it Five] means that when I entered the family, I made it [the family] five, instead of four, you know what I mean??

Anyway, all that cutting and pasting has got me hungry. Time to go get me a snack! [What about those tacos that mum bought last night??]


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