Yet another write-up

Today was LOUSY. I was SO BORED because neither Taylor, Trikaya or grandma J was at home. Although I pretty much hate it when my human siblings taunt me [physically. For example yesterday, when they lifted my hind legs and made me balance myself on only two paws!! Who do they think I am, a human???], I miss them when they’re away at school. There’s no one to snuggle with, no one to chase after, no one to secretly drop a chicken chew or two [no WAY are mum and dad ever doing THAT. I’ve tried just about every trick in the book, but they have NEVER given me a bone except for after my medicine. Oh, and when I daintily fetch the mail from the postman {who recognizes my face nowadays!!}] and no one to just BE THERE [you know what I mean??].

Thankfully, mum decided to watch a couple of back-to-back episodes of “Keeping-Up-Appearances,” this British comedy serial which she’s recently become obsessed with, so I was able to curl up next to her and nap till my eyes hurt because they were shut for so long [what??]. When I finally opened one eye, [a miracle in itself, if you ask me], mum was no where to be seen. I later learned that since the WiFi wasn’t working so well in the master bedroom, mum had relocated herself to the study that had pained walls lined with bookshelves and exquisite oil paintings bordered with the most magnificent of frames. I roused myself and slumped off next to mum’s seat, where I promptly fell asleep again. 

Thankfully, by the time I’d woken up, my sisters were back from “George Bush Middle School” and fondled my ears till they throbbed. I didn’t care, though. I was just happy to feel wanted again. As soon as Taylor scoffed down her lunch, she produced a basket and [after grooming my silky fur with a dog-brush], she handed me a chew!! Isn’t that sweet of her?? [But mum says it’s her duty to make sure that I’ve been brushed]

After handing me the bone, though, Taylor rushed off to type on HER blog, PreTeenRebel, so I immediately figured that it would be a couple hours before I would be able to even glance at the desk-top. Groaning to myself, I trudged to my bedroom for a few more hours shut-eye. Maybe you are thinking, ‘that is one lazy dog,’ but if you only knew about the responsibility I had, you’d take it back. Do you know that in my house, I am in charge of the security division?? Granted, there are a bare handful of people who I’m supposed to be weary off [because in the town I live in, people will laugh if you even say the word thief. They are SO trustworthy], and I bark at only a fraction of the people I’m supposed to keep my guard on by, but STILL. At least I have a little authority. With little power comes little responsibility.  And I guess I’m absolutely content with that. 


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