The second post

Hey, it’s me, HRH Feni the Labrador, here. Phew! Wasn’t today strenuous!! I mean, I started the day with an early morning, five kilometer jog [more like a walk around the master bed but hey, at least I tried!!] and seventy push-ups, back-to-back [at least, that’s what it felt like when I heaved my 43-kilo self off my comfy seat]. Talk about grueling, right??

By the time I stirred from my sleeping-bag-kind-of-contraption, my first- younger sis [well, she’s younger to me when my age is counted in dog years…] , a.k.a Taylor, had already attended her early morning, 120-minute, intense karate session and was heading for her music class. Is she a busy bee or what?? [What a weird proverb!! I have a few bee-friends, and they just laze around all day {kind of reminds me of what I do for a living… SNORE!!}]

Thankfully my younger-sis number [a.k.a Trikaya] two had nothing to do in particular. I mean, that’s what I thought it meant when she didn’t budge from her couch till half past noon. No pointing fingers, though. I have slept for WAY longer. [If I tell you how long my record is, you’ll get totally disgusted, so I’ll save you the trouble]

Wow, I can so imagine myself in… say, ten years. Living the glamorous life, posing for Vogue covers, signing little kids’ foreheads, sipping Virgin Pina coladas with Brad Pitt… wow, it is SO going to be the life. Just, don’t ask me how that’s going to happened… I’m not exactly sure. I have a vague plan in my head, but it needs TONS of improvement. [By TONS of improvement, I mean the whole thing has to be done again] You know what my genius scheme to get super-famous in Hollywood is?? Well, I’ll be cooling my latte in a Starbucks somewhere when in walks… GEORGE CLOONEY!!! [I’m not sure how he’s going to end up there or how I’m going to earn the money to blow off on coffee {since, you know, I’m a DOG and all} but I’ll find a way. I always do… mostly] So he takes one glance at me and goes, ‘There walks an angel!’ and he sweeps me in his arms and we run off together to some Hawaiian island and spend the rest of our years being stalked by paparazzi [I’m not sure where Brad Pitt and mock tails fit into all this, but you never really know, do you??]

Taylor’s ambition is to become a popular pop star cum contemporary dancer cum karateka cum next-Beethoven cum best-selling author cum tennis sensation. I wish her best of luck, mostly because I know she can do it [maybe]. Trikaya, on the other hand, wants to become a Junior Picasso. I guess she really does have it in her.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, though. Each family has a member who’s made up of star-material, a.k.a the ability to make it to the top, career-wise. I’d hate to break it to my siblings, but unfortunately [for THEM] I’m the chart-breaker of the family. Poor things, if I tell them about this heart breaking piece of news, they’d burst out sobbing, what with the fragile hearts they have.

Well, you can’t blame me for having all the great genes, can you?? It’s not like I wanted to bundle all the stardom on myself [okay, maybe I do. But just a little bit]. I dread to be in my mummy or daddy’s shoes when they figure about the ugly truth… the fact that it is in fact me, thirty-seventh cousin of the Queen [twelve times removed] who has all the talent and potential to make a splash in the world.

Oops, looks like I have to go. Mummy is calling me for my lunch [chunks of juicy meat with a sprinkling of seasoning… my favorite!!] so I think I’d better get going. If she [or any other family member, for that matter] sees me propped on a chair, typing away at their precious keyboard, who knows what they may think [maybe that I’m mentally retarded. {When I’m actually a genius. I mean, have you ever heard of a Labrador who is familiar with using the computer, let alone wordpress?? I should think not!} You never really know with these weird humans]!!



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